Low Income Housing in Alabama

In most parts of the United States, (Alabama included) annual wages are less than the cost for housing. Therefore, the state of Alabama has several programs that are specifically designed to help low-income families who cannot afford safe and sanitary housing. In the following information, we will review these programs and provide information for how to find low-income housing in Alabama.

The first step in receiving low-income housing in the state of Alabama is to determine the qualifications. There are various government-funded programs in Alabama including, AIDS Alabama (housing assistance and more for people with HIV/AIDS), Alabama Independent Living Centers (housing assistance to people with disabilities), Alabama Public Housing Agency (housing help for the elderly, people with disabilities and low-income families), the Low Income Housing Coalition, HUD-approved housing counseling (Alabama agency that helps provide advice for housing needs), Resources for Independence (for disabled persons) and the United Cerebral Palsy of East Central Alabama (for individuals with cerebral palsy who need housing and other assistance). The public housing authority in the area will be one of the best resources for determining qualification because each location is different. The local housing authority can be located on the HUD website. Individuals or families who are searching for affordable housing in Alabama should visit the office in their area to fill out an application, which starts the qualification process. Individuals who qualify for the program will be eligible for one or more programs through the HUD office including, Homebuyer's Assistance, Section 8 and Affordable Housing.

The Homebuyer's Assistance program offers help to low-income families who need help with a down payment, help in paying off their other debts in order to be able to afford to purchase a home and help with closing costs, as well. Section 8 is a voucher program that is operated by the federal government to provide rental assistance in Alabama (and other states) to low income households. The program requires individuals who qualify to pay 30% of their monthly income for rent and the vouchers take care of the rest of the rental costs. In order to qualify, the family's income needs to be fewer than 50% of the area's average income. It's important to remember that the percentages listed above, vary according to the size of the household. In addition, the waiting lists for Section can be a long time; therefore, it's a good idea to check with the local housing authority to find out their status on the waiting list and approximate times. Additionally, Affordable Housing works in much the same way as Section 8, but this program provides government-funded housing complexes for low-income families to take advantage of, at discounted rates. Other programs are available, as well to low-income elderly and disabled individuals living in Alabama.

Alabama offers several opportunities for affordable housing of all types. There are plenty of housing options available to low-income individuals and families living in Alabama because everyone deserves to have safe and affordable housing.

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