Low Costs Apartments in California

California offers exquisite beauty, sophisticated people and incredible entertainment, but individuals who are considering moving to the Sunshine State may wonder how to find affordable apartments in California. California is the most populated states and it's also one of the most expensive states to live in, as well. Therefore, searching for affordable housing can be tricky; however, with this simple guide we will explain how individuals who wish to move to California can search for affordable housing, and find what they're looking for!

When searching for a cheap apartment in California (or anywhere), it helps to have a map of the desired area and to plan a day to drive around hunting for affordable options.

Forums are a great way to find out more about an area, when someone wishes to relocate. The City-Data forums are an excellent resource for anyone searching for information from the cost of living to the best schools to the cheapest (and safest) neighborhoods.

One great place to find affordable apartment options in California (or a roommate) is Craigslist.com. This site is an excellent resource for those who know exactly what they want and are ready to find it. Great search terms to use for Craigslist include "low cost apartment" "affordable apartment" and individuals have the option to select the search terms, as well. Individuals who know the city where they want to live can visit the Craigslist for that specific city such as, San Francisco Craigslist or Los Angeles Craigslist. When someone visits these sites with a specific city in mind, they will be able to search according to price range, which helps to find apartment options (in a certain area) within a specific budget.

Other helpful options include visiting apartment finder websites such as, ApartmentHunterz.com, Apartments.com (allows searching in a specific area), MyCheapApartments.com or Rent.com for listings that can be searched according to the location and price range. The search features also allow individuals to enter other specifications or required amenities into the search fields such as, carport, tennis court and security features.

Helpful Tips for California Apartment-Hunters

*When searching through apartment listings, it is a good idea to see a picture to verify the condition and appearance of the apartment.

*When searching online for listings, several advertised discounts are only available when a tenant is willing to sign a one-year lease, so it's important to check with the property owner to get any updated offers.

*It’s a good idea to research neighborhoods in the area to find information about the crime rate and other safety information.

*Remember: Most apartments require at least one-month’s rent to pay for a security deposit, so it's important to set that amount aside.

California is a great place to live for anyone who is searching for fun in the sun, an eco-friendly state or to enjoy the magnificent sights and attractions. In addition, it's helpful to know that there are affordable living options in this state, as well -- with a bit of footwork and online access, anyone can find an apartment they can afford in the state of California.

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