Cheap Apartment Rentals in Florida

Florida is a popular place to live for more reasons than one, which is why many people are flocking to Florida in search of cheap apartment rentals. Florida not only has crystal, clear oceans, average temps in the 80s, beautiful, white beaches and plenty of non-stop entertainment, but this state also offers plenty of affordable apartment options, as well.

Florida residents range from sun worshippers to business executives and from spring break regulars to retirees. The state of Florida has experienced constant growth recently and throughout history; therefore, regardless of someone's reason for moving to this beautiful state: the "Orange State" has much to offer, as far as, cheap apartments are concerned.


For those hoping for an exciting nightlife, magnificent restaurants and beautiful beaches, Miami is perfect. Also known as, the "Magic City", Miami has been around for more than one hundred years, but the modern aura and fresh feel of the city is constantly new. There are plenty of cheap (affordable) apartment options in Miami, as well. Many small, basic apartments in Miami are available starting around $500 to $600. However, if renters want to live it up on the beach in luxury, they should expect to pay at least $1,500.


According to Money Magazine, Jacksonville (or "Jax" as it is referred to by the locals) is one of the top ten "Best Places to Live". Jacksonville is considered the 14th largest city in the country with a population of at least 800,000 residents. In addition, "Jax" is one of the lowest overall costs of living in the state of Florida (and the United States, as well). In fact, the median cost of living in Jacksonville is approximately 9 percent under the national. Moreover, apartments in Jacksonville are incredibly affordable and they generally, cost from $350 to $550 per month.


Orlando is one of Florida's major tourist destinations, perhaps because of the 95 theme parks and attractions that are found in this Florida city. Residents of Orlando, tend to avoid the crowds and enjoy local attractions such as, the Orlando Magic playing basketball at the TD Waterhouse Centre, experiencing the Orlando Philharmonic concerts or traveling to the downtown farmer's market on the weekend. Downtown Orlando offers hundreds of various apartment options. Surprisingly, the rent in the Orlando area is incredibly affordable. Even in the midst of all of the attractions and things to do, renters can find small apartments for about $400 to $500 or more upscale apartment options for around $2,000.

In addition to Jacksonville, Miami and Orlando (that offer surprisingly affordable apartment options), apartment-hunters can use online resources, as well, to find cheap apartment options in Florida. Some of the top online sources for finding cheap apartments in Miami include:

*Miami Craigslist


*ProRent Miami Apartment Locater (apartment locater service)


When using the internet to find cheap apartments in Florida, it's a good idea to remember to ask for pictures (if there are no pictures, this is probably a bad sign) to get an idea of the interior and exterior of the apartments. In addition, it's a smart idea to investigate the crime rates and city information in the preferred location as a pre-screening method to use before choosing an apartment.

Cheap apartment rentals are all over the state of Florida, but finding the best option requires research, determining personal preferences and deciding what fits in the budget, as well.

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