Low Costs Housing in Georgia

The state of Georgia offers southern hospitality, warm weather and low cost housing to its residents. The "Peach State" is different from other (more conservative) southern states because unlike, some of the other states in the southern part of the U.S., Georgia has developed a low income housing system and provides plenty of resources to those who need low income housing in this state. In the following information, we will discuss the low cost housing options in Georgia and how to tap into these helpful resources.

The low-income housing options in Georgia are abundant than most southern states. The low income housing options in the state of Georgia include subsidized housing (typically, Section 8, consisting of tenant-based or project based), public housing (housing that is owned and operated by the government) and low rent housing (available through the Low Income housing Tax Credit paid to builders or through Georgia's HOME program.

One excellent resource for finding low-income housing in Georgia is to the visit the Georgia Department of Community Affairs website. The DCA website works closely with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the local Public Housing Authorities (PHA) and the federal government in order to ensure that the website has accurate and updated information regarding low cost housing in Georgia. Therefore, the Department of Community Affairs website is a great place to start for those searching for low-income housing in Georgia. The website offers information including, any necessary contact information and eligibility information, and information about 25 different housing programs in the state, as well. The DCA website also links to a website - GeorgiaHousingSearch.org, which is a site that is intended to assist those searching for low-income housing and to provide information about every housing option in every location throughout the entire state. In addition, individuals and families can also visit the HUD website to find information about the local PHA office and their hours.

The state of Georgia (unlike, many other states) is addressing the need for affordable rental properties through low cost housing programs. Many of the public housing programs in the other 50 states focus more on home ownership rather than providing low cost rental properties. One example of this is the state of Georgia's Housing Tax Credit Program, which offers state and federal tax benefits to developers for ten years, in an effort to promote construction and rehabilitation of low-income properties in Georgia.

Many states (unlike Georgia) do not take an active role in addressing low-income housing needs. However, instead of placing the responsibility on the local public housing authority or the federal government, the state of Georgia has stepped up and taken charge. One example of this responsibility at the state level is the five-year Housing and Community Development Strategic Plan, which was put into place in 2006 by the state (before the crash in the housing market in 2008). However, while the program was aimed towards building new low-income housing, because of the problems in the real estate market, the program's focus shifted towards attaining and renovating older low-income housing.

The state of Georgia still deals with several challenges, as far as low-income housing is concerned, but this southern state is better than most when it comes to addressing the affordable housing issu

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