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  • Raleigh NC Apartments
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  • Arbor Creek Apartments

    (RALEIGH, NC, 27606)


    ADDRESS: 5400-6 Portree Place
    DESCRIPTION: Located on Buck Jones Road, in Raleigh NC and on the edge of Cary you can have the best of both cities. Reside..
    BEDROOMS: 1 - 2
    RENT: $614 - $824
  • Hawthorne at the Trace

    (RALEIGH, NC, 27613)


    ADDRESS: 8224 Green Lantern St
    DESCRIPTION: Hawthorne at the Trace is conveniently located right off Glenwood just four miles away from Crabtree Valley Ma..
    BEDROOMS: 1 - 3
    RENT: $750 - $1260
  • Parkside Village

    (CLAYTON, NC, 27520)


    ADDRESS: 950 Parkside Village Drive
    DESCRIPTION: Located in the friendly town of Clayton, NC just 17 miles from Raleigh NC is Parkside Village. For those worki..
    BEDROOMS: 1 - 3
    RENT: $800 - $1280
  • The Exchange at Brier Creek

    (RALEIGH, NC, 27617)


    ADDRESS: 9240 Bruckhaus St
    DESCRIPTION: The Exchange at Brier Creek are luxury apartments in Raleigh NC that offer studios, one and two bedroom apartm..
    BEDROOMS: 1 - 2
    RENT: $815 - $1990

Cheap Housing in Raleigh, NC

Raleigh is seen my many as the second city of North Carolina. The bright lights, large banking industry and two major sports teams associated with Charlotte make it more recognizable than North Carolina’s capital. Yes, Raleigh is the capital of the state, a fact many outside of the Carolinas are unaware of. Though it is not as large as Charlotte, Raleigh has its own flavor and drawing points.

In large part because of a thriving technological industry and many top medical facilities, Raleigh has seen rapid growth over the last two decades. Located in the central region of the state, Raleigh has the feel of the city and the feel of the country at the same time. If you like the downtown atmosphere of a city Raleigh may be to your liking. If you prefer quiet country living you can also find this environment a short drive from the city center. Whichever you prefer, rest assured that there will be plenty of available housing options.

Raleigh offers centrally located apartment, condominiums, town houses and houses near downtown, allowing residents to leave their cars in the garage and walk to a restaurant, bar or other gathering place. The city is also home to the North Carolina Symphony, which holds the distinction of being the country’s first state-supported symphony.

When it comes to nice reasonably priced apartments, they are more likely to be found a bit away from the city center. The Raleigh area is home to numerous colleges and Universities and thus has a multitude of apartment options. The demand for living space is high and the city continues to expand.

In terms of houses, the area has many planned communities (and that is definitely an understatement) as well as older homes on tree lined streets. There are also many country homes that in some cases include several acres and a farm. The city never experienced the major lull and major decline in housing experienced throughout much of the country, and new construction is actually on the rise. This means home buyers will continue to have many choices.

Because of its readily available housing, many medical centers and hospitals and moderate climate Raleigh has become a favorite destination for many retirees. This aging population is meshed with younger adults attending the many schools of higher education and every age group in between.

While the housing market has not seen a major drop off, the region has not gone unaffected. As a result many owners looking to sell have decided to rent their homes rather than leave them empty while waiting for buyers. Currently, there are many housing choices in Raleigh, NC and deals to be had.

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